Painting & Finishing

The raw materials that we can paint are mainly plastic and derivates (ABS, PC, PA, PP, PU), zamak and aluminum.

The liquid sprayed paint we use are solvent based, water based and in the near future also UV Mono & Dual curing based.

The painting treatment are one layer, two layers, three layers, high gloss, mat, coloured, chrom effect, soft touch and anti-scratch.

In our automatic line we can paint both small items (1x1 cm) and also bigger items (1x1 m).

About small items our production capacity (with single shift) is from 30K to 80K pcs according to application process complexity.

About bigger items our production capacity can reach several hundreds of pcs (250-500 pcs).

Our manual production line is useful to make sampling activities as well as painting big dimensions items (especially design element).