Tecna Plast s.r.l. is equipped with two production lines, one of them provided with ABB Robots and automatic mixing machines. These technology guarantee a uniformity of the thickness, even distribution on surface, matching of chromatic coordinates from the first to the last piece of the production batch.

These technical performance is accompanied by rapidity of production and cost-saving, results hardly obtainable by manual production.

Production lines are pressurized, with temperature control and constant maintaining of the items and paint; we control the air flows from the external contamination with several instruments as de-ionizer and omologated filter systems.

Our ovens for dry up and curing can reach 75-90 °C for 30 to 120 minutes. In this moment we are planning to install an additional UV curing area to actual production line and a CO2 Cleaning System.
We have also a laser-marking machinery that allows precision and repetitiveness of the markings of ideograms.